The Hummer Hearth

If your hummingbird feeder looks like the one in the top picture, you need the Hummer Hearth!

If you feed hummingbirds, you know how awful it feels to wake up in the morning to a frozen hummingbird feeder. You miss out on the joy of watching those incredible creatures. More importantly, what are those little guys going to eat? If your feeder is frozen, so is your neighbor's.

The Hummer Hearth provides an effective, elegant and simple solution to frozen hummingbird feeders. Simply attach Hummer Hearth to your hummingbird feeder then turn on before the temperature dips below freezing. 

Remember, Anna's Hummers stay all winter here in the Pacific Northwest. They get nectar from the flowers of winter-blooming native plants and also eat small insects.  After waking from their nightly torpor, they arrive at our feeders as much as an hour before sunrise.  With the Hummer Hearth there's no need to bring the feeder in at night and wake up early to put it out!